First commissioned piece

I pitched for a space in the brand new gallery at MMU. The work will be presented alongside the degree show. The space I have been given is a wall measuring 3.5m x 8m approx. My drawings aims to be 3m x 7m leaving a very thin white border in each side and thicker borders of black on top and bottom. 

I'm building the piece in strips due to the size and time limitations. Each strip has 150 portraits and each metre needs 3 strips.

This is my studio space at the moment, the role of paper takes up a whole wall and hangs on pole that's hooked to the wall. The bottom of the drawing get roled up at the bottom onto another pole as I move on.
The image above shows the beginning stages of at strip, lining the portraits next to each other. 

The images above and below show the drawing roled out at 2m. Feeling OK about it so far but will be much happier once it's longer!